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Mucahit Celik


Job satisfaction is on the top of the important targets for an establishment which is in the process of total quality. Because, the provision of total quality, first of all, is based on the sincere commitment to work  of the corporate employees/managers and being satisfied with their jobs; namely, doing their jobs fondly. The role of motivation about the productivity and the efficiency is a topic which has been studied and debated for years. Because, the company's  success depends on employees' skills and willingness. With zero-error production of services, ensuring full customer satisfaction and employee in a harmonious relationship with their  colleagues and work is the primary target of  "job satisfaction". Composing customer contentment and loyalty, however,  depends on making the firm's employees satisfied and the degree of saturation for their job.

job satisfaction, importance of the job satisfaction, theories explaining job satisfaction


The persistence of the establishments depends on enriching the palette of products and services offering their customers and producing better quality, cheaper and more useful products, improving business processes by  continuously analyzing and increasing their performance. In this sense, for establishments, measuring organizational devotion, job satisfaction for local customer contentment, quality, time, structure of organization and its strength gain a high importance.  It can be only so possible for the employees who communicate with customers one-to-one and the employees in  manufacturing  to process by fulfilling their duties impeccably (perfectly), obstruct the wastage of enterprise and exhibit positive behaviors  like this, with construction of an emotional bond with their job and establishment.

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The biggest milestone of work satisfaction is attitudes that are emotional stations coming out of bio-psycho-social actions. These attitudes change into behavior in work field and give important clues to find out  and increase work power [8]. The workers who have positive attitudes against their job are much more successful.
As known, the theories, which give importance to "human object"  in leadership and management, are more accepted nowadays. The effects of human object on production is understood and seen clearly. The supply of effectiveness and productivity of managements are just possible if the workers are willing and highly motivated  on their works. In encouraging of the workers and making them satisfied those who are not pleased with their works, the means of motivation are highly important..


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Streszczenie :

Zapewnienie jakosci w pierwszej kolejnosci opiera sie na szczerym zaangazowaniu pracownikow/menadzerow, ich oddaniu sie pracy i odnoszeniu satysfakcji. Sukces przedsiebiorstwa w duzej mierze zalezy od umiejetnosci pracownikow i ich checi. Pierwszorzednym  celem zadowolenia z pracy jest bezbledna realizacja uslug, co zapewnia satysfakcje klientow oraz harmonijne relacje miedzy wspolpracownikami. W niniejszej pracy, stosujac teoretyczne podejscie do zadowolenia z pracy, sprobowano zaakcentowac teorie wyjasniajace  zadowolenie z pracy oraz istote dzialania zadowolenia z pracy, a takze, jaka jest relacja miedzy zadowoleniem z pracy i stosunkiem pracownika.

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