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Milovic B.

Abstract: Business decisions supported by  strategy of customer relationship management CRM are interesting for: retail networks, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, but also for agricultural organizations. This paper highlights the importance of IT development of customer relationship management strategy. The development of information technology in agricultural organizations and easier and cheaper access to it, enables the development of electronic relationships with customers (e-CRM) which simplifies and automates the dialogue with customers and provides an answer to their requests in real time, which leads to increase of customer loyalty and satisfaction. This business strategy helps agricultural organizations to adapt their products and services for each client.

Agriculture, agribusiness, CRM, CRM strategies, eCRM


Management Today, under the impact of crisis, agricultural businesses are facing the question of how to increase sales. Competitive environment in which agricultural organizations are operating, forces them to lower the prices of their products or add new services to retain their customers. Sometimes that's not enough to keep the customer because customers become more demanding and harder to meet. This raises the question of what customers really need to conduct their businesses and how can they be helped, and the question who are the best (most loyal) customers. Finally, communication towards customers is expensive and organizations are facing the question of how to effectively spend the money intended for communication with customers. Customers relationship management represents marketing transactions in which the vital components are product, price, promotion and place. Since agricultural organizations have a large number of customers, effectively managing relations with them is the key of maintaining the business.
CRM connects IT and marketing strategy to create a long-term relationship with valuable customers and to improve customer service, which leads to increased profitability of company. By combining the right software and analytical tools, CRM [1] helps organization to integrate customer data from different sources, to analyze it and gain a comprehensive view on customer relationship. Agricultural organization that have experience in implementing CRM systems know that this is not just technology and software solution  but CRM can be referred to as an integral part of the overall customer relationship strategy. Systematic use of CRM applications is well established for the purpose of providing benefits for organizations who want to automate their sales, marketing and customer service functions. Its estimated that the cost of acquiring new customer is about five times the cost of maintaining the existing customer [2]. That stands for a reason to pay close attention on needs of todays customers. CRM is a business strategy for agricultural organizations oriented on customers, that is used across the company. Companies that choose organized CRM should provide the right technology that will lead to the improvement of business processes, provide timely information to employees and will be easy enough to use [3]. Measures of CRM include analysis, planning and control, initiation, stabilization, solidification and revival relations with customers.  ...

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Agricultural organizations must create a customer knowledge base so their products and services could meet current customer needs and desires. In addition to the current, agricultural organizations need to pay attention on potential and unexpressed customer needs and desires in order to use gained information and to adapt their offer with the goal of giving satisfaction to the customers. To keep this possible it is necessary to create and constantly maintain updated knowledge base, and to use obtained data and information in the daily businesses of the organization and to improve customer knowledge every day. Succesfull agricultural organizations have great performances, the most ambitious CRM objectives, they collect the most soffisticated customer data for their customer base and meet with fewer challenges in the best use of these information in information systems. CRM systems are needed in agricultural businesses to make the best use of the benefits of relations with customers. They are not just a technical solution for customer relationship management, but their role has tangible business goals. Ideally, CRM provides to the organizations to adjust their products and services for each customer. CRM can be used for personalizing one-on-one experience that will give individual customer a sense that he is completely taken care of, which opens new marketing opportunities based on customer preferences and history. With the development of business applications on the Internet, CRM has improved organizational capabilities by providing access to its customers and suppliers via the Web (Internet network). Web experience and communication over a wireless network called eCRM. Internet improves eCRM; provides the opportunities that are attractive to customers and businesses. In today's globally competitive environment, organizations must do everything to reach new customers and above all to keep profitable and loyal customers and CRM enables them that.


Streszczenie: Decyzje biznesowe wspierane przez strategie zarządzania relacjami z klientem CRM są interesujące dla: sieci handlowych, operatorów telekomunikacyjnych, banków, firm ubezpieczeniowych, biur podróży, ale także dla organizacji rolniczych. Artykuł ten podkreśla znaczenie rozwoju IT w strategii zarządzania relacjami z klientem. Rozwój technologii informatycznych w organizacji rolniczych, łatwiejszy i tańszy dostęp do nich, umożliwia rozwój elektronicznych relacji z klientami (e-CRM) które automatyzują i upraszczają dialog z klientami i stanowi odpowiedź na ich potrzeby w czasie rzeczywistym, co prowadzi do wzrost ich satysfakcji i lojalności. Ta strategia biznesowa pomaga organizacjom rolniczym w ulepszaniu swoich produktów i usług dla każdego klienta.

Słowa kluczowe: rolnictwo, agrobiznes, CRM, strategie CRM, eCRM


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