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Jóźwiak P.


Crowdsourcing in field of innovation gives various opportunities for companies. They are related to types and different offerings of such initiatives. In this chapter different types of implementation of crowdsourcing web applications are presented. Examples are taken mainly from international perspective. And chapter was prepared with intention of finding ways in which such platforms are implemented for finding potential components for new projects.

Key words:
Crowdsourcing, open innovation, crowdsourcing platform


In presented chapter crowdsourcing application review was realized in area of potential for innovation activities. Research was made for selection of trends in application development in conjunction of potential funding applications in European union framework program Horizon 2020 where project of creating new crowdsourcing solution was prepared for presentation at conference ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow - Digital Agenda for Europe. This chapter consist of introduction, definitions, crowdsourcing applications presentation and conclusions.  

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In presented cases selected crowdsourcing solutions were presented. With attitude for finding ways for crowd involvement with such solutions basic approach used as BZWBK is to use such platform for finding problems and improvements in bank services. Worth noting is special attention paid to people with disabilities. Similar approach is visible in 99design solution where main categories relate to offered services. Slightly different approach is considered by My Starbuck Idea where not only interest in gathering ideas for product developments is visible but also need for building involvement and improving experiences. On the other hand platforms as Innocentive and Innoget represent solutions which enable knowledge transfer for crowd to enterprises or institutions with use of competitions. And with Innoget managers can also find technology or service offers from other companies or research institutions.
There are also other interesting examples from crowdsourcing area as Amazon Mechanical Turk where companies or individuals can post micro tasks to be performed by crowd organized by Amazon but from innovation perspective this approach can be considered mainly from assignment perspective where users would share opinion abut product or offering. As it was presented there are various approaches to crowdsourcing. Still there seems to be unexplored potential of crowd on both commercial and non-commercial initiatives. Those practices seems promising especially considering interest in open innovation and various projects which will be prepared and are financed from European Union funds.
As information about innovation on crowdsourcing sites is usually presented in open format there is opportunity for further research of innovation activities by monitoring such sites. This seems to be not too much explored area. By analysis of provided data and its aggregation there is possibility to provide conclusions about market movements and can provide ideas for future products which should be researched in contexts on value creation for organization.
Use of crowdsourcing as of presented solutions can provide applications in various areas in from getting ideas, through designs up to finding solutions of complicated technology problems. Managers should consider those solutions to stay innovative and try to limit cost, remove barriers in product development or shorten time to market. But one should consider threats related to information exposure and influence on value created which should be researched more deeply.


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Crowdsoursing w zakresie innowacji daje firmom wiele możliwości związanych z różnym zakresem rozwiązań takich inicjatyw. W tym artykule przedstawione zostały wybrane rodzaje wdrożeń aplikacji crowdsourcingowych. Przykłady zostały zaprezentowane z międzynarodowej perspektywy. Artykuł został opracowany z intencją przekazania informacji o rozwiązaniach możliwych do implementacjach w kontekście wyszukania komponentów dla nowych projektów takich aplikacji.

Słowa kluczowe: Crowdsourcing, otwarte innowacje, platforma crowdsourcingowa



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