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Facebook Content Analysis of Banks Operating on Slovak Market

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Štefko R., Bačík R., Fedorko I.

Abstract:  This article   uses   content analysis   to identify the   extent   of users involvement   in  the  corporate communication   on the social network   Facebook .  This article focuses   on the   Facebook   page s of the largest  banking institutions   operating in Slovakia -   regarding   the volume of their   total assets   in 2012.  The  analysis shows that the   criterion for   the success   of the   post on   the   largest   social network Facebook   is an effort to   maximize the   involvement   of users in  the  corporate communication   through the indicators   and instruments   " likes ",  comments  and   share . The  positive values of   correlation coefficients   indicate   the importance   of users   engaging   in activities   of companies.   Therefore,   the possibility of   sharing   user s posts  and the subsequent   impact on the   number of " likes" seems to be highly important tool for raising the Engagement Rate.

Key words:
social media, bank institution, social engagement.

Five years ago, social networks,   as a part of   the modern   social media,   were   for marketers  a  new area   of knowledge .  Their   importance to   marketing activities  is nowadays  undeniable.   Companies and   organizations have   finally   realized the power   of social media   and increasingly   implement   this new tool   into their marketing   strategies .  The popularity of   social   media   sites   is   in recent years phenomenal .  At the same time,   social networking   system   provides space   for   marketing activities   of organizations in a very sophisticated and   effective way .  Company profiles   on social networks   provide a   space for users to discuss their   favorite   brand   and they also create an   effective platform   –  a  communication channel for   the implementation of   marketing communication   in an online   environment .
According to Karlíček   – Král (2011 ),  the concept of   social media   can be   defined as   interactive online   applications that   encourage the emergence of informal   user   networks.   Users   then   create and share   in these   networks   different content ,  such as personal   experience , opinions, videos,  music or photos .
Regarding this, Kurtz   (2011 )  adds that   social media   as a set of   web   applications   allow you to create   and share content   among users.   These are media that are designed   for   social   interaction  which  include and   shape new trends   and applications .  Cooperation   with the online community   brings benefits such as opportunity   to use their   opinions, ideas   and knowledge   on topics   far beyond   usual complaints   about the product   or service.   Social media   fundamentally altered   how organizations communicate with each other , with  communities   and individuals .
An interesting   view on the issue   of social networks   is presented by   Olivier   Blanchard   (2011 ),  who   in his publication   states   that social networking   is a communication   tool, such as phone or email ,  which is used for   the purpose of   corporate   actions including   public relations , marketing, establishing leadership position,  customer service and   market research .
Byron   and   Broback   (2006 ) define the narrower concept of social networking  as a web service   and together with   Janouch   (2011 )  ascribe it   functions   of maintaining   connections ,  contacts ,  communication , sharing of  information ,  multimedia content  and  photographs   between users   among   which, according to   Byron   and   Broback   (2006   )   dominate   students   or   graduates .
Social networks,   as a part   of social media,   are in general service -based  websites   that allow   individuals to create   public or semi- public profile  within   a closed system , to establish a list  of other users   with whom   they are   related,   see and explore   connections   created by other   users   within the system.   The nature and   distribution of these   connections   may vary   from web   site   to   web   site   ( Boyd  –   Ellison,   2007) .
Social networks   are, unlike   social media ,  based on the   interconnected   social ties .  These   bonds can have   several levels ,  from individual   ( friends,  family)   to corporate   or   global   ( Dijk,  2012) .  It follows   that social   networks are   inherently   specific categories   of social media .
According to Stern (2011), the above definitions   can be complemented. He states   that social media   represent   everything that   allows anyone to   communicate with anyone ,  in other words,  it is  a   user-generated   content distributed  via  easily   accessible   internet tools .
We agree with   Karlíček   (2011 ),  who perceives social media   as a phenomenon   of today,   which appeared   in the early 21st   century ,  its essence is made of   online   applications   that support   the emergence of   informal   networks and   allow the   user   to generate   and share   different digital content  such as  opinions , texts,  links ,  photos, videos   or   music .
Based on the above,   we  can  summarize   the key features   of social media  (Bednár 2011; Tredaway 2011; Janouch 2010):
provide   feedback,   social media   are not only   a source of   information, but you can also   exchange   and retrieve information ,  create   bonds between   members of   social networks,  are a place   for the application   of various   types of advertising ,
 help  you  acquire new   customers,   allow you   to spread   the reputation and   feedback   on products.
Just as   social media ,  social networks   also   have their   undeniable advantages   and   regularities  that fulfill important  marketing functions,   which Cooper   (2011 )  defines as :
Brand promotion   -   familiarize people   with the brand   which   was unknown general awareness ,
Pre- promotion of  a product or service   -   includes   advertising   of   products or services and   familiarize   people with its   general characteristics ,
Persuading   potential customers   about the benefits of   the product   -   reasons   that affect customers'   decision   to purchase a   product or service ,
After sale support  
 dealing with problems   and   communication with clients  or  provision of necessary   services , Building a   user community   -   in this case   it is a   long-term   customer communication   and   customer support  during the mutual  communication,
Problem solving   and   crisis communication .
We share   Dunda
s view   (2011 ),  who   states   that there are situations   in which   social   networks help   us   save time ,  obtain   and process   information which we would not obtain in a reasonable time and manner.   Sharing   these values   offers business entities the opportunity   to promote their   products and   services not only  to  the general public, but   also to   specific people who would probably be interested.
Social media   marketing success   goes hand in hand   with the quality   and   possibilities these   communication platforms   offer   their users .  Facebook   is one of the   most important   global   social network   which currently   dominates the   social media   market   with more than   728   million   daily   active users   ( DAUs)  -   average value   for September 2013  is  1.19 billion   monthly   active users   ( MAUs) .   There has been a 25%   increase in   daily   active users   ( DAUs)  and an 18 %  increase in   monthly   active users   ( MAUs)  ( Yahoo  Finance   2013)  when compared with previous year.
This   global trend   has   not spared   Slovakia ,  where active users   account to more than   2 million   users , representing  37.6 %  of the total population ,  which,   in the case of   the Internet   population , represents  47.57 %  ( Socialbakers,  2013) .  Users
 choices are also reflected   in the   corporate sector ,  as confirmed by a   survey   published   in the Platt   Retail   Institutes analysis   (January 2013 ) conducted  in   collaboration with the   American   Marketing Association   ( AMA),  where Facebook   ( 41%)  dominates   evaluation   criteria   for   assessing the competition between social networks. The survey was conducted   on a sample of   859   people interviewed   anonymously   from  among the  members   as well as   not   members of   the   AMA ,  regardless of   geographical location in which   the   respondent   operates.   Social networks like   LinkedIn  and  Twitter   had a   level of interest   above   30 % and  YouTube   jumped to   25 %.  Below 5 %  are   social networks   designed to   share   visual content   -   Pinterest ,  Flickr .
Social network,   as a tool for   customer support,   should be seen   as a suitable   channel for communication   with the   target audience.   This statement is   supported by the results   of the   research   focused on assessing companies
 perceptions   of social networking   as a tool for   customer support  conducted by  SocialMediaToday   and SAP   ( Heiligman  and   Lieu ,  2013) .  The   survey   questioned   118   companies  and  71.20 % said  that their company   is actively using   social networking   as a customer service tool .  Within this group   of respondents,   more than 85 % of companies  responded that   they perceive the impact   of social networking   on   customer service as a   slightly   positive   and very   positive .  0.5 %  of respondents said   that social   networks have   a negative impact on   their customer service .
Following the above, the results of  the  research conducted by   NM   Incite   (2012 ), which  dealt with the   implementation of   research and analysis   in the   media,  also  focused   on the   use of social media   as a customer service tool .  Results   of the research conducted   at the end   of 2012   indicate   that more   than 50% of   interviewed people   ( sample consisted of  2,000   respondents   from the United States ),  men and women   in the age group   18-35 years ,  used   online   social networking   as a customer service tool  at least once.  Particularly noteworthy  are the  achievements   in the age group   55 to 64 ,  where   39 % of men  and 34 % of women  used   social networks   as a customer service tool .  Age group   of 65   +  was dominated by  women   with   33 %  and   29 % of men  who used   social networks   to obtain   customer service .

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The article summarizes Facebook posts of banking institutions operating on the Slovak market. The analysis has shown that the criterion for the success of Facebook posts is not the frequency of posts, but rather an effort to maximize the involvement of users in the corporate communication through indicators and instruments "likes", comments and share. The positive values of correlation coefficients indicate the importance of users engaging in activities of companies. Therefore, the possibility of sharing users’ posts and the subsequent impact on the number of "likes" seems to be highly important tool for raising the Engagement Rate. Our future goal is a deeper analysis and examination of other attributes that evaluate and assess the performance of posts on the social network Facebook.

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Streszczenie: Niniejszy artykuł wykorzystuje analizę zawartości w celu zidentyfikowania zakresu zaangażowania użytkowników w komunikację korporacyjną w sieci społecznościowej Facebook. W artykule skoncentrowano się na stronach Facebook'a należących do największych instytucji bankowych działających na Słowacji - w odniesieniu do wielkości ich całkowitych aktywów w 2012 roku. Przeprowadzona analiza wskazuje, że kryterium sukcesu postu w największej sieci społecznej Facebook jest wysiłek, aby zmaksymalizować zaangażowanie użytkowników w komunikacji korporacyjnej poprzez wskaźniki i instrumenty „polubienia”, komentarze i udostępnianie. Pozytywne wartości współczynników korelacji wskazują na znaczenie użytkowników zaangażowanych w działania przedsiębiorstw. Dlatego też możliwość udostępniania postów użytkowników i późniejszy wpływ na liczbę „polubień” wydaje się być bardzo ważnym narzędziem dla podnoszenia wskaźnika aktywności.

Słowa kluczowe: media społecznościowe, instytucja bankowa, zaangażowanie społeczne.


摘要:本文採用內容分析,以確定在社交網絡Facebook上的企業通信用戶的參與程度。本文重點介紹了Facebook頁面斯洛伐克經營規模最大的銀行機構 – 就其總資產在2012年量的分析表明,該標準的最大的社交網絡Facebook上的帖子的成功是努力最大限度地用戶在通過指標和工具的企業通信參與“喜歡”,評論和分享。相關係數的正值表示用戶參與企業活動的重要性。因此,共享用戶的職位和隨後的衝擊上的“喜歡”的數量的可能性似乎是提高參與率非常重要的工具。

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