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Integration of Romani Women on the Labor Market

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Talpaş P.

Abstract: This paper proposes a brief analysis of the problems Romani women are facing when they want to access a job. It is a fact that, in Romania, Romani women who work are so few that we can even say that they are invisible. In order to be able to intervene on this status quo we believe it would be useful, beforehand, to know what exactly is causing this to happen.
Key words: occupation, Romani women, job offers.

The occupancy rate emerging from relatively recent studies shows that women in our country are employed at a rate of over 42%, whereas Romani women are employed at a rate of only up to 15% (Cosima at al., 2008, Zatwarnicka-Madura, 2014).
Analysing the kind of work that Romani women do we can say that the work performed by them falls with in the secondary segment of the labor market, an area where social protection of workers is low and worker abuse happens with high frequency. It is especially about temporary occupations, or even the so-called illegal work. Possible explanations are related to the low level of education and obtained qualifications, but also to the fact that the Romani mostly live in rural, economically underdeveloped areas and due to low incomes can not afford getting hired in a neighboring settlement-a town (SOROS, 2008).
An alarming percentage of 34.6% can be found among Romani women who are stating that they do housework, living to a great extent in rural areas, and this high percentage is an indicative of the crucial role that self-consumption (eating what one breeds/produces) still holds in Romani households (SOROS).
Another source of data on the position of Romani women on the labor market is the RPP study which underlines the fact that largely Romani women self-declare as housewives or perform illegal, casual work or they even work by the day. (in agriculture, neighbors
households, as domestic workers, etc.) (RPP, 2006).
These sketchy data, the mere analysis of the types of activities they participate in, their low income, their difficult access to the labor market and, last, but not least, the differential treatment Romani women are subjected to, all these entitle us to say that gender and ethnic discrimination converge towards increasing vulnerability of Romani women on the labor market (INCSMPS, 2007, Zatwarnicka-Madura, 2011).

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Niniejszy artykuł proponuje krótką analizę problemów, przed którymi stoją rumuńskie kobiety, gdy chcą zdobyć pracę. Faktem jest, że w Rumunii, kobiet, które pracują jest tak mało, że możemy nawet powiedzieć, że są one niewidoczne. Aby móc interweniować w ten status quo wierzymy, że przydatne będzie wiedzieć z wyprzedzeniem, co dokładnie jest przyczyną takiego stanu rzeczy.

Słowa kluczowe
: zawód, kobiety rumuńskie, oferty pracy.


关键词: 占领,罗姆妇女工作机会

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