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Recruiting Local Public Servants in Romania and Belgium

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Suciu L. M., Mortan M., Raţiu P., Vereş V.

Abstract: The paper presents how recruitment is done in the local public administration from Romania and Belgium (The Brussels Region) since this is one of the first steps an individual has to make in order to become a public servant and stat a career in local public administration. The paper aims to show what the common points are when referring to the recruitment in the local public service in both countries.

Key words:
recruitment, public servant, career.

When starting the first job, every individual thinks on how this job could help him to achieve a successful career. The literature (Androniceanu, 2008, Hall, Moss, 1998, Mirvis, Hall, 1994, Osterman, 1996, Sullivan et al., 1998) shows that a typical career implies most often having different roles in multiple organizations, in large part because of globalization and advances in technology that have produced a turbulent environmental context (Quigley, Tymon Jr, 2006).
In the followings we will present what are the main steps implied by having a career in local public administration, focusing on recruitment. The authors will present what are the common points of the Romanian and Belgium local public servants when entering the public service.

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Entering a public function, by recruitment, is just one of the first steps that need to be taken in order to achieve career in public administration. To reach the end of the career in public administration, on the other hand, as this end is stipulated by law there must be also taken the rest of the steps. In both countries these steps are the next ones:
the entrance in the Civil Servants
Body and the appointment of the civil servant;
the probation period;
the completion in the public function;
evaluation, promotion and advancement;
the exit from the Civil Servants
It can be observed a very high similarity of the issues presented, in terms of both countries. This similarity is due mainly to the fact that both countries apply the same management system of public function, even if at the level of territorial and administrative organization and management, the two states differ substantially, mainly due to the pronounced local autonomy public administration has in Belgium.

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Streszczenie: Niniejszy artykuł prezentuje jak przebiega rekrutacja w lokalnej administracji publicznej w Rumunii i Belgii (Region Bruksela), jako, że jest to jeden z pierwszych kroków, jakie osoba ma zrobić, aby stać się urzędnikiem publicznym i zacząć karierę w lokalnej administracji publicznej. Artykuł ma na celu przedstawienie wspólnych punktów odnoszących się do rekrutacji w lokalnej administracji publicznej w obu krajach.

Słowa kluczowe:
rekrutacja, urzędnik publiczny, kariera.


摘要:本文提出招聘如何完成在地方公共管理来自罗马尼亚和比利时 (布鲁塞尔地区)因为这是个人有进行,以成为一名公务员和地方公共行政中开始职业生涯的第一个步骤。本文的目的是显示时指的在这两个国家的本地公共服务招募的共同点是什么。
关键词: 招聘、 公务员、 职业生涯。

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