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Sports Volunteering as an Element Which Gives Advantage With Employment in Organisations Operating in The Field Of Sport And Recreation

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Halemba P., Kucharski M.

Abstract: This article will present reflections on the importance of professional experience acquired during the work of a volunteer in search of jobs in sports and recreational organisations. The study that has been carried out with the method of a diagnostic survey using the technique of a survey form, will be to indicate whether this kind of experience is taken into account during recruitment and employee assessment by the management staff of entities operating in the field of sport and recreation. The hypothesis of the article assumes that people with experience acquired while working as a volunteer are assessed better during the recruitment process, and that this experience translates into better results of their work.

Key words: volunteering, unemployment, labour market, sports and leisure operators, employment


From the point of view of national economy, the unemployment rate is statistics which shows what percentage of people who are able to work and willing to work is not employed at the moment. The purpose of national authorities is to maintain the unemployment rate at the lowest possible level, so as to limit the negative effects of this phenomenon to the maximum. However, from the point of view of the basic unit of society which is the family, as well as from the perspective of every person who is willing to work, the lack of such an opportunity is a significant problem, which in some drastic cases may lead to social exclusion and poverty. That is why work that gives financial stability is one of the most important values for the majority of the society, also including young people who want to start their independent lives. As illustrated by the data published by the Central Statistical Office (Polish: Główny Urząd Statystyczny; GUS), which relates to unemployment in Poland in 2012 and which was used while developing this article it is the group of young people (aged from 25 to 34) that was the most numerous group of unemployed, who were 627.5 thousand in 2012. The second largest group of unemployed in Poland (424.2 thousand) was people under the age of 25. In total, in the two above-mentioned age groups there were as many as 49.2% unemployed Poles in 2012. Among the many reasons for this phenomenon one

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The results of this study indicate that performing the function of a volunteer positively translates into the perception of an individual with this type of experience by employers within the area of sport and recreation at the recruitment stage and it prepares to fulfil ones duties. This confirms the first part of the research hypothesis which assumes that persons with experience acquired while doing voluntary work are better assessed during the recruitment process, and that it translates into better results of their work. The results, however, do not support the second part of the hypothesis. Assessment of the employee as well as his/her chances for awards and promotions is not dependent on performing the role of a volunteer before one’s professional work, but on factors associated with the performance of professional duties.
Students, who intend to link their professional life with sports and recreation organisations, are informed by the presented findings that in order to increase one’s chances of starting work in the profession to which they are preparing, they should gain experience as volunteers during various kinds of sports and recreational events.


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Streszczenie: W artykule zaprezentowane zostały rozważania dotyczące znaczenia doświadczenia zawodowego zdobywanego podczas pełnienia funkcji wolontariusza,
w poszukiwaniu pracy w organizacjach sportowych i rekreacyjnych. Badania przeprowadzone metodą sondażu diagnostycznego przy wykorzystaniu techniki ankietowej, miały na celu wskazanie, czy tego typu doświadczenie brane jest pod uwagę podczas rekrutacji i oceny pracowniczej przez kadrę managerską podmiotów działających
w obszarze sportu i rekreacji. Natomiast hipoteza artykułu zakładała, że osoby
z doświadczeniem nabytym w ramach prac wykonywanych w charakterze wolontariusza są lepiej oceniane podczas procesu rekrutacji oraz, że doświadczenie to przekłada się na lepsze wyniki ich pracy.

Słowa kluczowe: wolontariat, bezrobocie, rynek pracy, podmioty sportowe i rekreacyjne, zatrudnienie

摘要: 这篇文章将在寻找在体育和康乐组织工作的一名志愿者的工作期间获得的专业经验的重要性提出几点思考。与使用技术的调查表单中,诊断调查的方法进行的研究将以指示是否这种经验考虑到在招聘和员工评估期间在体育和娱乐领域的经营实体的管理人员。假设的文章假定人们与工作作为一名志愿者更好地评估在招聘过程中,和这一经验将转化为更好的结果,他们的工作时取得的经验。
关键词: 志愿工作,失业、 劳动力市场、 体育和休闲的营办商、 就业。

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