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Strengthening Relations Between Employers and Universities Through European Projects

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Achim M.I., Dragolea L., Kadar M., Bălan G.

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of preserving a good collaboration relationship between employers and universities, and the major role that can be played by the European projects in strengthening this connection.
The case study shows the way in which a university that is small, but very active as regards the accessing of projects and has the aim to provide a high quality educational service can improve the effectiveness of the educational activity.  

Key words: European projects, employers, students

The ”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia is a state institution of higher education and research of a public nature, which is integrated into the national education system, with legal personality, which has autonomy, carries out its activity based on the Romanian Constitution, Law No. 1/2011 on national education, the University Charter and its own organization and operation rules drawn up in accordance with the law. The ”1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia has been accredited and it has received a `high confidence` rating following the evaluation performed by ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education).

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As the employers declare, during their internships students acquire experiences that make them stronger, more confident in their skills. They also learn about time management, discipline, effective communication and logical and critical thinking. During the period of internship, students see how the theory applies in the real environment. These internships determine students to work together with their colleagues and to improve their working habits, in order to prove that they are capable to occupy a position in that company.
This internship programme has enabled students to observe in detail all the activities that are performed in an economic unit, as well as complexity of these activities, the degree of risk faced by companies, the collaboration relations between companies, as well as many other aspects related to the proper management of a business.  
In addition, such collaborations can contribute to the adaptation of the university curriculum to the requirements of the socio-economic environment, as well as to the development of the skills acquired in the tertiary education by interactive learning in real companies.  
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Streszczenie: Celem niniejszego artykułu jest podkreślenie znaczenia zachowania dobrych relacji współpracy pomiędzy pracodawcami a uczelniami wyższymi, a także istotnej roli, jaka może być odgrywana przez projekty europejskie we wzmacnianiu tego powiązania.
Niniejsze studium przypadku pokazuje, w jaki sposób uczelnia, która jest mała, jednak bardzo aktywna, jeśli chodzi o dostęp do projektów, mająca za cel zapewnienie wysokiej jakości usług edukacyjnych, może poprawić efektywność działalności edukacyjnej.
Słowa kluczowe: Projekty europejskie, pracodawcy, studenci.

摘要: 本文的目的是强调维护雇主与高校中加强这方面的欧洲项目可以发挥重大作用的良好协作关系的重要性。案例研究显示在其中一所大学,很小,但在访问项目非常积极和的目标是提供高质量的教育服务可以提高教育活动的有效性的方法。
关键词: 欧洲项目、 雇主、 学生

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