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Table of Contents PJMS Vol. 8 - 2013

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Faris Nasif AL- Shubiri  

Analysis of the Relationship Between Economic Forces and Abnormal Stock Return Empirical Evidence

Viktória Ali Taha, Michaela Sirková, Martina Ferencová

Selected Practices of Talent Management Insight Into Slovak Organizations

Stanisław Borkowski, Jacek Zacharski, Karina Kaszyca

Problematik Der Konflikte Im Business-kontext und Einflussmöglichkeiten Durch Coaching und Mediation

Andrzej Brzeziński

The Interests of Employees and Their Implementation in Lower Silesian Enterprises

Piotr Ciechański, Marcin Bąkała, Anna Bąkała

New Algorithms Improving the Work of an Information System for the  Bailiff’s Office

Constantin Cristinel

The Necessity to Improve Quality in Higher Education Services. Case of Romania

Diana Csiminga, Roland Iosif Moraru, Lucian-Ionel Cioca

The Sinergetic Education – Trainin – Employment Triad Valorization  of  Rising Generation’s Potential

Jaroslava Gburová, Róbert Štefko, Radovan Bačík

Pricing Policy and Marketing Strategies as a Part of Competitive Advantage of Retails Stores in the Slovak Republic

Sabina Irimie, Roland Moraru, Maria Elena Boatcǎ

Career Opportunities in Work Security and Health Domain

Piotr Jóźwiak   

Crowdsourcing Aplications

Mostafa Kazemi, Zakieh Shooshtarian

Surrogate Worth  Trade off  Method’s  Review, Applications  and  Extension

Laith Talal Khrais

The Effectiveness of E-banking Environment in Customer Life Service an Empircal Study (Poland)

Dana Kiseľáková, Alexander Kiseľák

Analysis of Banking Business and Its Impact on Financial Stability of Economies in Euro Area

Jerzy Korczak, Piotr Lipiński

Cloud Architecture for Logistic Services

Rastislav Kotulič, Martina Marchevská  

Concentration of the Retail Network in Relation to the Consumer Shopping Behavior in Regions of the Slovak Republic

Rafał Kozłowski, Krzysztof Kania

Leadership Challenges in the Context of Web 2.0 Solutions

Edyta Kulej-Dudek

Evaluation of Knowledge Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Marek Ładyga, Maciej Tkacz

The Basic Property of Iteriative Process of Balancing the Unsustainable Production and Consumption Model

Monika Łobaziewicz

Effectiveness of Business Process Management in B2B Model

Roland Iosif  Moraru, Rares Munteanu, Mihai Popescu Stelea

The Need for Ethical Reasoning in Occupational Health and Safety Management a Romanian Perspective

Adam Nowicki, Stanisław Stanek, Jacek Namysło

Mobile Videoconferencing Systems for Enterprise

Izabela Olton  

Team of Employees and Its Structure as a Growth Potential in the Modern Enterprise

Małgorzata Pańkowska, Anna Sołtysik-Piorunkiewicz

Green Information Technology  in Logistics Enterprise

Elena Širá  

Analysis of Slovak Agricultural Position From The Perspective of Selected Indicators and Slovak Regions

Róbert Štefko, Radovan Bačík, Richard Fedorko

Spendings on Social Media as Part of Marketing Budgets

Katarzyna Terlicka

Managing Human Resources in a Public Institution – Case Study

Robert Ulewicz

System Approach To Assure Quality of Education at the Faculty of Management of Czestochowa University of Technology

Leszek Ziora, Adam Nowicki, Stanisław Stanek

The Applicability of Hybrid Systems in Support of the Corporate Management Process a Review of Selected Practical Examples

Róbert Štefko, Sylvia Jenčová, Eva Litavcová

Selected Aspects of Marketing Pilgrimage Sites

Ennouri Wissem

Risks Management New Literature Review

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