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Table of Contents PJMS Vol. 9 - 2014

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Achim M.I.,  Dragolea L.,  Kadar M., George  B.

Strengthening Relations Between Employers and Universities Through European Projects

Dąbrowska-Paulewicz S., Wacowska A., Bokwa M.

Personal and Professional Development as a Value in a Knowledge - Based Society

Dziadkiewicz M.

Centre of Social Integration as a Tool of Professional Reintegration of The Permanently Unemployed in Czestochowa

Halemba P., Kucharski M.

Sports Volunteering as an Element Which Gives Advantage With Employment in Organisations Operating in The Field Of Sport And Recreation

Irimie S., Moraru R.I., Cioca L. I., Boatcă M. E.

Aspects of The Gender Inequality Issue in Knowledge Society Careers

Iuga I.

Career Management in The European Banking System

Jelonek D., Stepniak C.

Evaluation of The Usefulness of Abstract Thinking as a Manager’s Competence

Kaczmarek J.

Measurement of Creating Corporate Value for Shareholders – Development of Measurements and Improvement of Management Competence and Skills

Karcz J.

New Forms of Employment in The Logistics Industry

Keresztes E.R.   

The Analysis of Foreign Study in Higher Education in the Perspective of Hungarian Exchange Students

Krawczyk E.

Instruments for Higher Education Adjustment to Local Labor Market Needs

Kurowska-Pysz J.

Development of Student’s Professional Competences within the Framework of Science- Business Cooperation

Ładyga E., Ładyga M.

The Influence of Mathematical Thinking on Career Path Choice for Graduates of Management Faculty at University of Technology in Częstochowa

Lubimow J.

Manager’s Qualifications in Municipal Partnerships

Madej M., Jakubowicz M.

Enterprise’s Investment in its Staff – Efficiency and Profitability of Internal Training

Mihăescu D., Mihăescu L.

Motivational Aspects in Choosing the Profession of University Teacher

Moczydłowska J.M., Widelska U.

Professional Competencies of Candidates for Employees in the Assessment of Employers (Based on the Example of the Entrepreneurs from Machine Industry)

Moraru R.I., Băbuţ G.B. , Goldan T., Popescu Stelea M.

Study on Romanian Training Requirements Needed to Develop an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant Career in the European Union

Nowakowska-Grunt J. , Kabus J.

Polish  Youth on the European Labour Market

Olton I., Głowacki T.

Free Movement of Professional Roles as a Way of Management Career

Szlęzak P.

IT Profiles in Request of Outsourcing and Final Customers

Padlowska A.

The Strategy of the Development of the Higher Education in Poland on the Warsaw University of Technology Example

Ślusarczyk B., Broniszewska A.

Entrepreneurship of Women in Poland and the EU - Quantitative Analysis

Tabor J.

Place of Non-formal Education in the Career Building Process

Tomski P.

Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice. The Empirical Perspective

Ulewicz R.

Application of Servqual Method for Evaluation of Quality of Educational Services at the University of Higher Education

Wacowska A., Bokwa M., Dąbrowska-Paulewicz S.

Personal Growth and Key Competences Indispensable for Professional Career Development in a Knowledge-based-Society

Zawieja-Żurowska K., Zimny A.

The Major Problems and Challenges of the Education Quality Management in Vocational Schools

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