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The Influence of Mathematical Thinking on Career Path Choice for Graduates of Management Faculty at University of Technology in Częstochowa

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Ładyga E., Ładyga M.

Abstract: Difficult subjects in the course of study may have beneficial influence on future life of graduates. Authors of the article are pointing out attention on connections that exist between teaching mathematics and choice of career path for graduates of Management Faculty AT University of Technology in Częstochowa. In first part of the article is briefly presenting an influence of mathematical thinking on growth of various civilizations. Than focus in turned on benefits of mathematical thinking, personal development and positive personality traits of people working with mathematics. Succeeding part of the article is describing  the topics covered by the scope of studies on a bachelor's degree in Management Faculty.  Educational goals were presented as well as their usage in economic realities.  Final chapter consist of different paths of life choices for graduates of university of technology with emphasis of those traits, which was  developed during intercourse with mathematic.

Key words:
mathematics, teaching mathematics, the use of mathematics


Mathematics is  quite often seen through the lens of complex equations, unclear charts or statements written with intricate characters. I is commonly assumed that it is difficult and incomprehensible. Such stereotype cause an aversion to notice that mathematical methods apply in multiple aspects of everyday life.  It is worth to realize that the role and level of application of mathematics is beyond the borders of common understanding. By analyzing the development of every known civilization we can see that mathematics is a foundation of each.   Thanks to it was possible to predict solar eclipses or calculate time of moon rotation around the earth. Spatial geometry was used in the construction of pyramids, and the famous Fibonacci sequence was confirmed in nature, architecture and music. Medical diagnostic and therapy are constantly supported by mathematical methods. The foundation of modern computer work is Boolean algebra created by British mathematician George Boole.

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Perhaps the studies on the Management Faculty does not belong the easiest one. However graduates of this faculty have many possibilities to find interesting work. Knowledge of mathematics allows to elaborate not only the ability of analytics thinking but also helps in transparent way formulate the laws of economics. As a contribution of this studies following skills are being developed which are desired on the work market precise and analytic thinking, problem solving by practical usage of theory end equations in nearly all areas of day to day life including education, business and production.  
Graduates of the department frequently connect their future with the financial sector. It is very often well-paid and highly regarded work in banks, financial institutions, insurance companies or in the finance department of small and medium-sized enterprises. The responsibilities include financial analysis, preparation of reports for the board of the company, creating budgets or financial plans. They can also take up employment in corporations and large companies that are associated with the industry. Working in sectors related to logistics, production, or as an analyst in sales and purchases can also be interesting. Graduates of the department may also tie his professional career with the public, working in various organs of central and local government. Graduation therefore provide an opportunity to find a well-paid and rewarding work. It is possible under certain conditions. Increase your chances on the labor market  is possible inter alia, by knowledge of foreign languages​​, as well as by gaining work experience already during the studies. For the employer is important each extracurricular activity of a student [4].  Important are so foreign trips, during which young people can improve communication skills in foreign language (eg the Erasmus program), as well as all types of internships and practice. Participation in development projects organized by the company gives mutual benefits. Students have the opportunity not only to broaden their existing knowledge and skills, but also to establish new business contacts. In return employers may close look at the potential candidates for the job, and offer a job the best after completion of the project. In addition to knowledge of mathematics and its applications and professional experience also important are so called soft skills. Ability to work in a group, organization of independent work, time management, analytical problem solving, precise communication and negotiation can be developed on the training courses organized by the university career office. In summary, teachers of mathematics at all levels of education remain the hope that their work is the basis for the understanding of other disciplines and is widely used in daily life, developing personality traits of students, thereby contributing to a better tomorrow.


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Streszczenie: Trudne przedmioty w toku studiów mogą mieć wręcz zbawienny wpływ na przyszłe życie absolwentów. Autorzy artykułu zwracają uwagę na związki, jakie występują między nauczaniem matematyki, a wyborem zawodowej drogi absolwentów Wydziału Zarządzania Politechniki Częstochowskiej. W pierwszej części artykułu krótko przedstawiony jest wpływ matematyki na rozwój różnych cywilizacji. Następnie zwrócono uwagę na korzyści matematycznego myślenia, rozwój osobowości i pozytywnych cech charakteru ludzi „uprawiających” matematykę. W dalszej części artykułu opisany został zakres materiału realizowany w ramach studiów pierwszego stopnia na Wydziale Zarządzania. Zaprezentowane zostały cele kształcenia oraz zastosowania w realiach gospodarczych. Na zakończenie przedstawione zostały różne możliwości wyboru drogi życiowej absolwenta wyższej uczelni ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem tych cech, które nabył w wyniku „obcowania” z matematyką.

Słowa kluczowe: matematyka, nauczanie matematyki, zastosowanie matematyki


摘要: 难课题研究过程中的可能会产生有益的影响,对未来生活的毕业生。文章的作者指出管理学院在科技大学琴的毕业生数学教学和职业生涯路径选择的之间存在的连接上的注意。在文章的第一部分中简要地提出对生长的各种文明的数学思维的影响。重点放在比打开数学思维、 个人发展和积极人格特质的人工作与数学的好处。成功的第一部分描述所管理学院学士学位研究的范围涵盖的主题。它们在经济现实中的用法以及提出了教育目标。最后一章包括不同的人生选择的路径为技术被开发与数学的性交过程中的这些特点,重点大学的毕业生
关键词: 数学、 数学教学、 数学的使用。

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