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Robert Stefko, Peter Dorcak, Franti sek Pollak


The article deals with current knowledge of social media with the focus on social networks.
Social media offer great opportunities for businesses. However, in order to use these new business channels in the most effective way, businesses need relevant information. The main  purpose of this article is to evaluate the state of utilization of social networks by businesses as well as home and foreign customers. The aim is also to point out on the importance of networking as a tool for acquiring an important competitive advantage  in times of constant changes.

Keywords: e-marketing, social networks, facebook


Janouch (2010) defines social media as online media, where the content is created and shared by users. We agree with Janouch in that social media are actually  "places of collective wisdom" where an opinion created on a certain product is mostly true. Therefore, they are more popular and are more trustworthy  than traditional media. Whereas nowadays people tend to distrust advertising more often, businesses are left with no other option than to join the social media. We share the opinion of Matus  (2005) that the fundamental problem which businesses have to deal with is an enormous growth in number of media which address the same target group by a substitutable form. If businesses want to gain recognition, they have to search for new communication  channels and advertising means which would address potential customers in a surprising and witty way (Dorcak, Polla k, 2010). Weakening of traditional and formation of new media is the circumstance favouring social media as a tool of a modern marketer. This, however, does not mean that traditional media will disappear. Different communication channels, will, however  grow at a different pace (Pollak, Dorcak, 2010). We believe that number of people watching TV will be decreasing with  more people spending their free time at their computers playing games, watching films and TV series online, chatting etc. We also believe that the situation of standard print media, such as newspaper, magazines, dailies etc., will worsen, as many people  search for information they need on the internet. On the other hand, we believe that listening to radio, via internet (e.g. fun radio stream) or via standard channels will gain in popularity mostly due to worsening traffic situation.

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The analysis results show that consumers express their relationship to brands of individual products via Facebook. They can share their experiences with certain brands with their  friends and obtain verified firsthand information. Companies can thus gain fans who introduce brands to their fans. This is the type of communication that creates the basis for a powerful viral marketing, which we think, companies should make use of if  they want to succeed on social networks. American experts try to keep pace with constantly changing trends in social media. Recent survey of Creative Group shows that 65% of marketing managers in the USA argue that this is in some way difficult. % of  them do not consider this a challenge. Social media offer great opportunities for businesses. However, in order to use these new business channels in the most effective way, businesses need relevant information. They can learn what is working and what  is not for the competitors through social networks. In conclusion, we can only agree with many authors who argue that in times of constant changes, networking is very important and useful for businesses.


This submission was elaborated as a part of internal grants of the Faculty of Management of the University of Pres ov in Presov: GAMA/10/10 Influence of Virtual Social Networks on Increase in Sales in Electronic Commerce and GAMA/10/9 Analysis of Advantages of Shopping in E-shops Compared with Shopping  in Real Shops in Slovak and Worldwide Internet Environment.


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Artykul bada stan wiedzy dotyczacy mediow spolecznych w odniesieniu do sieci spolecznych.  Media spoleczne oferuja biznesowi bardzo duze mozliwosci. Jakkolwiek, aby wykorzystac nowe kanaly biznesowe efektywnie, podmioty gospodarcze potrzebuja wlasciwiej  informacji. Glownym celem tego artykulu jest ocena stopnia wykorzystania sieci spolecznych przez przedsiebiorstwa jak rowniez lokalnych i zagranicznych klientow. Ponadto glownym celem jest wskazanie istoty sieciowosci jako narzedzia nabywania waznej  w tych czasach ciaglych zmian przewagi konkurencyjnej.   

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